The Black Tigress sprang out of my professional work ending eczema on the skin of children. Under British law I am not allowed to say, in a public forum like this website, that it’s easy to end eczema. Since I’m not allowed to say that, I won’t.

Which leaves me wondering what to do with all those conspiracy theories on who wants the eczema to keep going? What type of person wants 140,000 British babies to develop eczema in their first year of life? I don’t want to believe anybody seeks that amount of misery in tiny babies. Yet I can’t argue with the facts; it happens every year.

What if there really are people that nasty? The mere thought is almost enough to make you want to write a book about it. So I have.

I really hope the people I’ve dreamed up in The Black Tigress do not exist. I keep telling myself it’s just a story. Yet even I shudder when I re-read it. It’s just too plausible. The amount of baby eczema is certainly real.

Then you have to face the really frightening question. If they’re that way inclined with defenceless little babies, what else are they doing?

The only way to stop them is for Thomas to walk into the tigress’s den, literally. To get up close and personal.

All you have to do now is be a bit patient. Proof reading is complete so it’s almost ready. Once I’ve done what I can to help overcome the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis (the day job in my company) I’ll prepare the novel for publication.

If being that patient is asking too much, email requesting a copy and my editor may just be able to refocus me to your benefit. Be aware I’ve just spent valuable time writing Coronoia in an attempt to help stop the Covid-19 pandemic. That new work is now printed and if it achieves the aims I will be very busy doing the day job!