The Dr before my name arises because I have a PhD. I’m a Doctor of Philosophy which is a fancy way for saying I like to think a lot. Not being a medical doctor gives me the freedom to think of my own ways of doing things without being constrained by medical rules and dogma. My very high level of personal integrity means people can rely on me to do the right thing. Even more so when they appreciate I’m only doing what they see because something is seriously out of kilter in their lives.

My book Coronoia® is an excellent example. Medical doctors are taught to use alcohol hand sanitisers so they kept doing it DURING the COVID-19 pandemic. A bit of different thinking about their own medical evidence would have shown them how to prevent many of the deaths. They would have realised how damaging the solvent alcohol vapours rising from treated hands were to the lung defences of people infected with the coronavirus. In the book I present the published scientific evidence on which I base my belief that alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic.

Atopic Eczema is similar. When innocent children, and especially babies, are kept in the eczema trap by the medical dogma I ask questions. The global EXeczema® campaign is the result. To see the numerous medical references I cite please read my book What is eczema? A path to ending the misery. Professor Terence J. Ryan who was the professor of Dermatology in Oxford for many years wrote the foreword to the book. Practicing doctors with a personal interest in ending eczema provided the back-cover contributions. Even though I chose to gain qualifications other than medical ones, I still earn a lot of support from medical experts.

How does a boy from the Australian outback become a man influencing global disease prevention? He relishes questions, gives boundaries very little credence and believes HOW means WHO. That is WHO as in the person rather than the World Health Organisation. I feel the latter WHO has a lot to answer for with COVID-19 deaths.

A child learns that asking Why? to three or four consecutive questions riles adults. It’s better to bide your time and ask on consecutive conversations or ask the next why? of a different person.

Having a driving desire to ask why endlessly presents many challenges and hones a special skill in finding a new WHO for each one. It generates diverse discussions with new trains of thought arising from every answer. Each WHO provides their perspective and wants to share what they know. The questioner is free to direct it all where he wants when establishing what those WHO have yet to learn becomes the prize. To be more precise, he can’t go back which leaves the option of establishing a new path.

In time the man’s approach evolves to saying “I know the answer is out there. All I need do is find the question.” I choose to believe the WHO with the answer, or at least part of the answer, is waiting for my question. That is the WHO I am perpetually seeking.

Years of honing such a wandering mind creates an adult who is unemployable. The man learns he must do his own thing if he wants to find his next answer.

He learns the world contains many people who want to know the answer. Once the answer is available many want to hear of its evolution. They begin asking questions of the questioner. The person with new and interesting answers becomes a story teller.

The boy from the Australian outback who loves new questions becomes to the man who shares new answers to willing audiences around the world. He chooses whether each story has a sad or happy ending. Dr Harley Farmer readily admits he’s a hopeless romantic so he keeps asking questions until the happy ending reveals itself. Folk who like the endings ask for more and the story teller develops an expectant audience. They seek more happiness and he has a lot of happiness to share. He has even squirrelled away the happiness2share domain names waiting for the best time to share with the world.

Conveying a trusting audience on new and exciting journeys is a privilege which brings with it the chance to introduce a new message each time. When people choose to follow my path, that becomes my form of leadership.