Coronoia®. Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic?

Wildfires spreading over vast distances of Australia and California are a feature of our new global climate. A coronavirus spreading like wildfire around the globe has joined in the action.

We’ve studied the coronavirus and still expect many more deaths. We’ll quell the virus’ heat with vaccines, yet we’ve already seen how quickly variants are acting like hot sparks threatening to burst into flames somewhere new.

Coronavirus fears led to paranoia; the correct response when humanity is caught so hopelessly ill prepared. Hence the new word Coronoia which is trademarked in the UK.

Do we expect more horrific fires in 2021? They’re a certainty, given humanity’s habits.

Should we expect more waves of COVID deaths in 2021? Utilising the fire analogy, vaccines are akin to a bucket of water. They will stop the flames onto which the water is thrown. What of the sparks either side of the water? They will spread if we ensure fuel is available.

The World Health Organisation persists in advising the world to use alcohol hand sanitisers to combat this new coronavirus. Alcohol will kill coronavirus on the hands yet nobody dies from having virus on their hands. Over 2 million have died because something favoured the virus in their lungs. That something, in my view, is solvent alcohol vapours which rise from alcohol sanitisers on warm hands.

For decades the published evidence has shown alcohol vapours rising from hands treated with alcohol sanitisers go into the lungs and through to the blood. They pass through a mucus which lines the final tiny air sacs. That mucus is the last layer of defence against this coronavirus attacking lung cells. When the mucus is breached, COVID deaths can follow. Since 1952 we’ve known alcohol vapours dissolve that mucus, which is called pulmonary surfactant.

Yet the W.H.O. still advocates alcohol sanitisers.

Continuing the wildfire analogy, the W.H.O. are asking us to throw alcohol onto wildfires and then count the deaths. Might 2 million deaths suggest we try something else?

Do the sparks fit this analogy? Oh yes. Vaccines will remove the coronavirus they are designed to remove and leave the rest. If we continue to throw flammable solvents onto those remaining variants they will burst into flames and spread.

All that hope for vaccine protection will go up in flames. Then we’ll see Coronoia in a new light; a glowing, very hot light.

Please read Coronoia® 2 and let me know how you want to help. The world may need you.