Prevention is something that Dr Harley Farmer learnt the importance of at a very young age. Brought up in the Australian outback, a youthful Dr Harley inherently cared for others.

At university, it quickly became obvious that he was being taught to treat diseases, yet his values lay in preventing them from developing in the first place.

Today, with his company NewGenne®, his efforts with EXeczema®, and even in his writing, disease prevention – together with care, health and happiness – is at the forefront of all of his work.

Prevention is better than cure

We inherently know that prevention is better than cure. We also know it is much safer, a lot easier and far more cost-effective. Why is it then that global health focuses more on outbreaks after the event than preventing them from arising altogether?

Disease prevention is easier than some think

Dr Harley Farmer is known across the globe for leaving people, including hospital management teams, with the confidence to prevent diseases with a little bit of new knowledge and plenty of common sense. The infectious diseases that Dr Harley has helped others to overcome include norovirus, SARS and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). Now it’s COVID-19.

A good place for anyone to start the process of disease prevention is to improve their approach to hygiene. Maintaining excellent hygiene practices is very simple and extremely effective.

Use safe, chemically compatible products

Although it may seem obvious that chemicals must be compatible with each other to work, even today, you can find products in infection control settings that simply shouldn’t be used together.

When carrying out hygiene tasks, use a product, or products, that are developed by a brand you can trust to provide the best outcomes.


NewGenne®’s product range was developed with the help of hospital infection control teams. Every product supplied by NewGenne® uses the same chemical technology and is therefore compatible. The entire range is alcohol-free and gentle enough for all ages and skin types. Due to this, NewGenne®’s products are particularly popular amongst healthcare workers. That’s because these individuals are more likely to be affected by occupational dermatitis and NewGenne®’s products allow them to keep their skin clean and healthy, as well as carry out all of their routine tasks.

Preventing diseases is easy when you care enough

You can access NewGenne®’s industry-leading and versatile products on their online shop, where you can find more information and purchase these as single items or in bulk.

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