Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, great efforts have been undertaken by many, including key workers, healthcare employees and scientists. For some individuals however, the crisis has been viewed as an opportunity for financial gain via the high demand for PPE and the panic and desperation of others.

Disease prevention and focusing on health and happiness is at the forefront of everything I do, from my day job at NewGenne® through my endeavours with EXeczema® and even featuring in my novels. Differing people are choosing to combat, or benefit from, the coronavirus crisis in their own ways, as am I. I will continue to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and do all I can to help us overcome it.

I deliberately choose to put health and happiness before company profits which, despite making me unemployable, has enabled me to help many people around the world. Those that share my values and thoughts on prevention choose to work with me and it’s great to see our positive collaboration growing all the time.

The Answers Are Out There. I Just Need To Find The Questions.

I care more about people than I do profits and many of those that I’ve helped happily testify to this. Growing up in the Australian outback, I learnt from a young age to care for those around me. I also learnt that prevention was better than cure – it’s safer, easier and much cheaper too. I choose to prevent diseases and have an inherent belief that the answers are out there. My real contribution lies in finding the questions, and it has served me well.

Over time and with plenty of help, the answers to hospital infections, eczema and other diseases have arisen from my work. I use a combination of science and common sense to find the first step in a disease process. Once discovered, that knowledge can be used to prevent the disease.

It’s Always Gratifying When Doing One Good Thing Results In Another.

I’m known for leaving people with the confidence to defeat these diseases. They then share what they know with others who will also benefit from this. If you share my values and way of thinking on prevention, join our constructive collaboration today.

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