Dr Harley Farmer’s purpose is to promote health and happiness. He appreciates that this can’t be done alone and, fortunately for him, there are millions of people worldwide who want to share positive values. Dr Harley utilises science, philosophy, inclusive thinking and good old-fashioned common sense to prevent infectious diseases with NewGenne® and to explain eczema with EXeczema®.


NewGenne®, a company that Dr Harley Farmer co-founded, works with hospital management teams and professionals in other clinical and medical settings to halt infectious diseases. Thousands of premature deaths arise from hospital infections every year and, believing that most of those deaths are avoidable, NewGenne® actively works to prevent them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, over 2.5 million people have died from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus worldwide. In the same way as premature hospital infection deaths, NewGenne® firmly believes that many of those COVID-19 deaths were preventable.

NewGenne® have developed an industry-leading range of hygiene products that is supplied across the globe. The entire selection is chemically compatible and offers unrivalled versatility in that the same products can be used for all manner of hygiene tasks, from cleaning equipment to disinfecting surfaces and sanitising hands.

It was these very products, which you can access on NewGenne®’s online shop, together with Dr Harley’s core values of care and inclusivity, that led to the formation of the EXeczema® brand.


NewGenne®’s hygiene products are water-based and, whilst being able to efficiently kill viruses, such as the COVID-19 coronavirus and other bacteria and nasty microbes, they are gentle enough for all ages and skin types, including those with the most sensitive, eczema-prone skin.

At EXeczema®, the team helps people to come to their own realisation of what is causing eczema, be it their own dermatitis, or that of their child or patient.

Throughout Explain Eczema, EXeczema®’s digital product, Dr Harley Farmer shares evidence-based facts from peer-reviewed medical articles in a series of videos. He also discusses his own experiences of having suffered from chronic eczema and overcoming it.

Explain Eczema was designed for the busy parents of pre-teens with atopic eczema, although its valuable content can prove beneficial to all. It takes less than 2 hours to work through this 7-step learning programme and, once completed, the consumer will be able to explain eczema themselves and to others.

You can download Explain Eczema today and, like our many global success stories, come to your own realisation of what is causing and maintaining eczema. With this new knowledge and understanding, you will be able to choose to do something different in order to achieve a much more positive outcome.

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You can learn more about my work with NewGenne® and EXeczema® on their respective websites and social media channels. Please get in touch for further information and with any questions or concerns you may have. Simply email info@newgenne.com or info@execzema.com.