When coronavirus fears understandably led to paranoia, I created the word Coronoia® which, despite the efforts of the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) and the UK Cabinet, still prevails.

It should be the Laws of Nature prevailing – the same Laws of Nature that had this coronavirus contained, in balance. The COVID-19 pandemic is not natural and shows what happens when we disregard Nature and disrupt its balance.

What The W.H.O. Failed To Tell Us And The UK Cabinet Refused To Hear

I wrote Coronoia® What the W.H.O. failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear to discuss the statement: Alcohol is pro-COVID.

Through sharing the latest information available at the time and pure science from credible sources, Coronoia®… formed a part of my efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an attempt to influence the people who could make the biggest difference, hoping they would then act on the facts.

A good starting point would have been to simply substitute alcohol-based hand sanitisers for safe, alcohol-free products that do not emit solvent vapours. Such products are readily available, including NewGenne®’s Foam Hand Rub, which is utilised in both medical and other clinical settings across the globe.

Recognition From The UK Government

Since its release, Coronoia®… has received quite the response, including recognition from the UK Government stating that they have noted my thoughts. It’s also currently boasting a maximum 5 stars on Amazon.

Despite the positive and encouraging reaction to Coronoia® What the W.H.O. failed to tell us and the UK Cabinet refused to hear, there remains a lot of work to do and some huge challenges ahead. For one, the W.H.O. still advises the use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers. With such global urgency, I released my latest work of non-fiction: Coronoia® Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic?

What Allowed The SARS-CoV-2 Virus To Go Viral And Fuel The COVID-19 Pandemic?

I have written this new book, which, akin to the 1st edition, also currently possesses a fantastic 5 stars on Amazon – to present the very latest information, vital science and psychology in a readable format that can be easily understood.

Free of any conspiracy theories, Coronoia® Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic? uses scientific and medical facts to reveal the links between alcohol vapour, the pulmonary surfactant mucus, Alveolar Type 2 lung cells, ACE2 receptors and the SARS-CoV-2 virus – all of which are relevant to the pandemic.

As the reader, you are left knowing what to do if you prefer to avoid it all happening again.

Coronoia®’s reach is increasing all the time. Please read my latest non-fiction book: Coronoia® Alcohol sanitisers fuel the pandemic? – which you can purchase as a digital copy or paperback on NewGenne®’s online shop or Amazon today – and join the Coronoia® Campaign.

Coronoia® Campaign

Shout about what you know and spread the word that alcohol is pro-COVID. Together, we can educate the W.H.O. on this subject and prevent COVID-21: The Next Pandemic.